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Jane's Brew

Nitro Cold Brew CBD Coffee Kegs

Nitro Cold Brew CBD Coffee Kegs

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10mg portion of full-spectrum hemp nano CBD in every cup of smooth medium roast coffee. A wonderful Coffee Combined with CBD for the ultimate experience. Each Keg is brewed to order.

ZERO Added Sugar, 110mg Caffeine

Nitro Coffee is brewed with our keg partner’s proprietary, food-safe, Craft Draft process, cooled down to  40° F (4°C) and infused with pure nitrogen gas. It is NOT cold brewed or cold press iced coffee. When it is poured out from the keg under pressure, the micro-fine bubbles of nitrogen come out of solution and gently cascade upward displacing the coffee which “falls” downward creating a beautiful visual presentation in a clear glass. The nitrogen bubbles create a thick creamy head that floats at the top of the beverage.


  • Each keg contains 5 gallons
  • Each 5-gallon keg pours 64, 10 oz servings (80, 8 oz servings)
  • Each 10 oz serving contains 10 mg Nano CBD


  • PET one-way keg can be recycled by customer.
  • No reverse logistics required.
  • PET kegs weigh about 1/5 of the weight of steel kegs, provide excellent product protection, and are safe.


  • Kegs are easy to use at your home or business.
  • The Sankey type coupler system is food safe, tamper proof and simple.
  • Changing keg is as easy as putting gas in your car.
  • Recurring faucet and line cleaning is easy to do.
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