Why Water Soluble CBD?

Why Water Soluble CBD?

Benefits of water-soluble CBD include:

  • Water-soluble CBD has increased bioavailability
  • Water-soluble products allow for consistent dosing
  • Increased convenience for the user
  • Fast-acting effects
  • Longer shelf life

When compared to a CBD oil, water-soluble CBD gives consumers more power to choose just how they want to utilize their CBD.

As we all know, water and oil don’t mix. This is true not only of how CBD oil behaves in beverages, but also of how it behaves in the bloodstream, which is itself largely water-based.

To produce effects, CBD must dissolve in the bloodstream, which comprises a significant amount of water. As a result, when you ingest CBD oil, it behaves much like oil does when dropped into a cup of water: droplets of CBD oil coagulate and isolate themselves from the surrounding liquid, refusing to mix and dissolve. Since water accounts for about 60% of the body’s composition, it resists mixing with, dissolving, and absorbing oil. This means that most oil-based CBD tinctures are impossible for the body to utilize properly.

Yet the advantages of water-soluble CBD versus typical CBD oil go far beyond whether these products can be mixed into a beverage. Water-soluble CBD has numerous benefits beyond this convenient form of consumption. In fact, whether or not your CBD is water-soluble actually determines whether or not it can be efficiently utilized by the human body, which determines whether or not the CBD you consume will actually produce any effects.

Water soluble CBD is created using nanotechnology, a method that involves shrinking CBD particles down to a microscopically small size. Whereas the CBD particles in CBD oil are much larger, tiny CBD nano particles are so small that they dissolve rapidly into the bloodstream.

As a result, water soluble CBD has several key advantages over CBD oil tinctures. These include fast-acting effects; a longer shelf-life; superior bioavailability; higher potency; and versatility, as water soluble can be dissolved in a beverage and consumed on the go.

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