Enhance Your Daily Routine with Hemp-Extracted CBD, CBG, and Delta 8 Products

  • Groove

    Groovy vibes meets cocoa delight in our D9 THC blend. 25 MG per serving. Makes 10 servings for $24.

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  • Soothe

    A sip that transcends time, blending the warmth of nostalgia with the richness of chocolate perfection with our THC and CBD blend. 30 MG per serving. Makes 10 servings for $24.

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  • Peace Out

    Take a break from the hustle and bustle, and let the calming warmth of our D8 THC cocoa be your ticket to a moment of blissful peace. 25 MG per serving. Makes 10 servings for $24

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  • Chill Out

    Where cool vibes and THC cocoa collide for the ultimate relaxation experience. 5 MG per serving. Makes 10 servings for $18.

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  • Dream On

    "Dream On" is not just a beverage, it's a sensory journey. Our CBD cocoa is a sip of pure bliss in every cup. 25 MG per serving. Makes 10 servings for $24.

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Nano Water Soluble Powder makes it easier to incorporate CBD, CBG, or Delta 8 into your daily routine. Add it to baked goods, meals, smoothies, or your favorite hot or cold beverage.



  • CBD Coffee

    "Very delicious!! I tried it and I will be ordering more, I was very relaxed and the flavor is perfect"

    - Ruth Stanturf

  • Chill Mints

    "These are easily the best mints I’ve had! Not too strong, make you feel good, and they taste minty. Other mints I’ve tried have a leafy taste to it and don’t have the same effects on my body. Absolutely love them."

    - Evan Gilbert

  • Nano CBD Powder

    "I’m a forever customer! I’ve never had anything help my anxiety disorder besides medications &
    they always have horrible side effects. This has changed my life!"

    - Taylor E.

  • Nano Delta 8 Powder

    "Good stuff! Most water soluble I've had. Works well. I mix it in my coffee and tea."

    - Jeremy Bird

  • CBD Coffee K-Cups

    "Great Coffee! We love the coffee and the benefit of having CBD with coffee is outstanding!"

    - John Mastrangelo

  • Nano CBD Powder

    "This product works! I like that I can add it to anything. Way more useful than tinctures that taste oily and no funky aftertaste."

    - Syr Hammer

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House of Jane Hemp-Extracted products let you energize, revive, focus & refresh. The perfect combination of cannabinoids to get the most out of life! Ideal for those who want mental & physical freedom to Live Life and Feel Awesome!

  • What is Nano CBD?

    What is Nano CBD?

    The term NANO refers to the process of blasting CBD molecules into microscopic pieces so that they are quickly and easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

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  • What is CBD?

    CBD is non-psychoactive, but has been studied for its numerous medicinal effects including; pain, stress & anxiety relief, and reducing inflammation & nausea.

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  • Why Water Soluble CBD

    Why Water Soluble?

    Water-soluble CBD has several key advantages over standard CBD oils and tinctures. These include fast-acting & long lasting effects, higher potency & versatility, as water-soluble can be dissolved in a beverage and consumed on the go.

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